6 SEO Tools to Employ on A Budget

One can’t deny that when it comes to the digital era, making use of SEO probably is the best choice there is if you want to boost your brand. Although employing SEO agencies to do the job for you might be cheap as compared to other modes of marketing, it can’t be denied that it could still cost a certain sum and if you are working around a budget then you might want to read further so that we can discuss the most important SEO tools that you should make use of. 

Here are some of the tools that are very important for your business 


PostImage 6SEOToolsToEmployOnABudget Keywords 300x299 - 6 SEO Tools to Employ on A Budget

Finding keywords is the key to a soundly marketed business. Once you find the right keyword, coming up with the content will just come naturally. 


PostImage 6SEOToolsToEmployOnABudget Ranking 300x299 - 6 SEO Tools to Employ on A Budget

It is not enough that you can be found on a search engine, it is imperative that you be in at the top of the list or at least on the first page. With the help of ranking tools, you will be able to assess where you are currently at and perform necessary adjustments to your website. 


PostImage 6SEOToolsToEmployOnABudget Content 300x299 - 6 SEO Tools to Employ on A Budget

This is very important because you would want your content to be as updated as possible so to keep your target market entertained. There are tools that will tell you whether your content is new and, of course, one of a kind. 

Back linking  

PostImage 6SEOToolsToEmployOnABudget BackLinking 300x299 - 6 SEO Tools to Employ on A Budget

For credibility purposes, your website needs to be back linked to other websites. In order to track which links still works and which isn’t, you need a good back-linking tool. 

Social Media  

PostImage 6SEOToolsToEmployOnABudget SocialMedia 300x299 - 6 SEO Tools to Employ on A Budget

Since social media is the widest platform that you can use for advertising your products, you will need to find a company which has good Social Media Marketing Team. 


PostImage 6SEOToolsToEmployOnABudget Marketing 300x299 - 6 SEO Tools to Employ on A Budget

Your marketing team should be able to provide you reports so that you can track whether they are performing well in their function. 

Yes, it might cost you less when you just pick out certain tools to work around but equipping all tools has its advantages. If you have already set your mind into boosting your business, then might as well go all out and start funding it right. 

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